Two are Better than One

Video Game Storyline
    Carl made a hissing sound and Ethan looked down and told him to be quiet. When Ethan looked up Poseidon dissolved into a wispy white fog and floated into nothingness.
     Now Ethan and Carl stood at the bottom of the empty sewer system. After examining the gigantic rock pipe they were in, Ethan spotted what appeared to be a hatch on the ceiling. Unable to jump the twenty feet necessary to grab the circular rusted handle on the hatch, Ethan grabbed the rope from his backpack, tied it around the handle of the trident, and on the fifth throw managed to send the middle tyne of the trident through the center of the hatch’s handle. Ethan pulled on the rope and yelled out “Yes!” after he snagged the hook of the trident’s tyne on the loop of the handle. He then pulled down on the rope with all of his weight. The hatch moved an inch and no more. The water had swelled the wood hatch. “Carl, you’re gonna learn what a piggyback is. Car, jump on my back and stay there.” Carl leapt onto Ethan’s back. Ethan pulled on the rope with all if his and Carl’s weight. This time the hatch groaned and the hatch handle broke off ejecting the trident and handle causing them to crash to the ground. Ethan felt defeated.
     What seemed like minutes but probably were only seconds passed by and then the hatch swung downward releasing a wooden ramp. “Wooohoo,” exclaimed Ethan. Meow, chimed in Carl. We did it!” shouted Ethan. He bent down and picked up the trident and hatch handle as a souvenir. “Let us get out of here Carl. Oh and Carl, you can get off of my back now.” Carl meowed and hopped onto the ground.

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