Trophy for Victory

Video Game Storyline
    Ethan and Carl climbed the ramp and emerged outside of the labyrinth. Now in the jungle once more Carl looked at Ethan with a tear in his eye. For it was time for Carl to meow goodbye. Carl was home again. Carl left Ethan and disappeared into the trees. 
Ethan quickly realized Christine was not in the jungle. 
    Ethan pulled out his phone from his pocket. “Ah, I have service again.” Ethan felt relieved. He dialed Mr. Sinta and arranged to be picked up. When Mr. Sinta arrived  he took a look at Ethan. Ethan’s clothes were dirty and tattered, and now Ethan wielded a trident. Mr. Sinta at once recognized the mythical object. “How did you get that?” asked Mr. Sinta. “Its a long story” replied Ethan. “Do you realize how amazing that trident is? Its not ordinary trident, although it can be used as a weapon, it is far more remarkable when used as a fork” Mr. Sinta educated Ethan. “When used to mix a large batch of ingredients, it changes the cheapest, non nutritious food into the best tasting and best for you food. Not only that, but it makes a never ending supply. I thought the stories of the trident were just a myth” spoke Mr. Sinta. “Just get me back to the hotel” demanded Ethan. 

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