Trip Downtown?

Video Game Storyline

A knock at the hotel room door woke up Ethan. He answered with his eyelids hanging low. “Room service for Mr. Ethan Trivian,” cheerfully announced the hotel employee. “I didn’t order room service,” barked Ethan. “I know Mr. Trivian. Mr. Sinta did'” replied the employee. Ethan didn’t know a Mr. Sinta but accepted the food. He ate, got dressed and headed for the hotel concierge. 

Before Ethan could get to the concierge desk a medium athletic built man, standing two inches taller than Ethan, wearing khaki pants, a tan long sleeve collared shirt and a tan khaki hat said,” Did you enjoy breakfast?” Ethan stopped, looked right and with confusion in his voice asked,” Mr. Sinta?” “Yes that’s me. I saw you come in last night. I was sitting in the lounge. I could tell you were a tourist.  I am a tour guide. I can show you around. Where is it I can take you?” Ethan hadn’t had time to think about where he would find Christine.  He figured the downtown of the city would be a good spot. “Take me downtown.”

Ethan and Mr. Sinta took Mr. Sinta’s car onto the dirt road. They passed small villages with houses made of bamboo reed roofs and wooden walls. After some time they stopped seeing houses and Ethan saw a massive amount of trees approaching.

“Where are we?” “Oh we’re almost there. Just have to get to the other side of those trees.” Ethan sat back unconvinced. He checked his cell phone. No service. They drove for a few miles into the forest. There Mr. Sinta stopped the car and said “get out, we’re here.”

Ethan sat in his seat and looked out through his window.  Nothing but forest trees the size of skyscrapers surrounded him. Two seperate dirt trails disappeared in between trees. Skeptical but curious, Ethan stepped out of the car.

Mr. Sinta popped the trunk and brought a package wrapped in green paper. Its mailing origin said John Smith 224 Sage St. New York, New York. Ethan pulled at the card attached to the package and opened it. Open when the time is right.” “Where did you get this from?” asked Ethan. “I got it from the concierge for you while you ate breakfast. So as to not waste time,” answered Mr. Sinta. Even though Ethan didn’t know what the card meant, he didn’t open the package and instead put it into his backpack. 

Mr. Sinta said “let us go for a run.” Neither of them were dressed for a run but before Ethan could object Mr. Sinta took off. 

Ethan stood shocked for a moment and then took off after Mr. Sinta. Mr. Sinta took Ethan through trees, over rocks and around winding trails. After what seemed like the better part of the morning passed they finished where they started. Ethan gasped for air. Mr. Sinta shook his head with a smile on his face. “I’m gonna get us water from the car,” said Mr. Sinta. Ethan turned around to face the jungle to cherish the feeling of pride he felt for keeping up with the much fitter man. Just then he heard the car start. Ethan whipped around and shouted,” what are you doing?” Mr. Sinta yelled as he drove away, ” You passed my test. Now take the other trail to downtown.”

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