The Beginning

Video Game Storyline

It was two weeks before the BIG day. Christine Miller would become Mrs. Christine Trivian – Married to Ethan Trivian, after only six months of dating. Christine’s father, Thomas Miller, grinded his teeth at the thought. Thomas usually got what he wanted. He had the taxidermied animals to prove it. On two separate occasions Thomas invited Ethan on a hunting trip. On both occasions Ethan declined. Thomas had not had any alone time with his daughter’s suitor. Not any time to get a sense for him. Not any time to judge if Christine was making a mistake.  Not enough time to object.   It was the night of the rehearsal dinner. The bride and groom’s parties were seated together at the dinner table. Dinner arrived, consisting of steaks, potatoes, and vegetables. Just before everyone began to dig in, Thomas clinged his glass. Thomas began a wonderful heartfelt speech wishing his daughter and son-in-law a happy marriage but Ethan tuned it out, more fascinated with what was on his plate, until he heard, “This knife is for you Ethan, I hope it brings you as much joy as it has brought my family.” Ashamed that he had tuned out what Thomas had said but too proud to show it, Ethan nodded his head in acceptance of Thomas’ family knife. 

A week later, exactly one week before the BIG day, Thomas called Ethan. “Hey Ethan, its Thomas Miller. Do you still have the knife I gave you?” “Yup,” answered Ethan. “Great. You’re gonna need it. We are going hunting today. Just the guys.” Ethan shifted his weight nervously. “I can’t. I have a bunch of work to catch up on. I will take a raincheck.” “You gotta go, it will be so much…” Ethan hung up the phone before Thomas finished talking.    

It was one week later: the BIG day. Ethan had not spoken to Thomas since he declined to go on the hunting trip. Christine was with her bridesmaids getting ready for the ceremony. Christine took the traditional approach by not allowing Ethan to see her in her wedding dress before the wedding.    Ethan stood with his groomsmen in his room at the hotel reminiscing about times that embarrassed Ethan. “And that’s why Ethan carries an extra t-shirt in his car!” Ethan’s best man just finished telling a story. All the guys broke into laughter. Ethan’s phone vibrated and alerted him to a text message. It read:              

If you want to see Christine again leave your room without making a scene and take the first flight to the Sumatra Rainforest in Indonesia. A ticket will be at the concierge counter. 

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