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Carl trailed as Ethan approached a door adorned in flowers the color of a setting sun. The door split in the middle and drew back to each side to reveal a spherical room garnished with linens woven with delicate silk and golden threads. Ethan crossed the room’s threshold and immediately was introduced to aromas of vanilla and lilac. Steps lead from an unlit doorway at the back of the room to the edge of a flattened circular stage positioned at the center of the room. The room’s floor was free of debri. A faint footstep drew Ethan’s attention to the unlit doorway. The doorway presented a woman into the room. Her hips moved rhythmically, like the beat of a drum and the splendor of a tambourines shimmer. Onto the curves of her body thin airy garments clung to her amber taught dew covered skin. She glided up the stairs, reached the stage, paused, then urged Ethan to come closer, so she could gaze her eyes upon her suitor. Ethan managed to take three clumsy steps closer. “What have you brought as a symbol of your love for me”? demanded the woman. Ethan’s mind darted through the empty hallways of his mind. The woman shifted her weight impatiently. Ethan remembered the knife. “The knife,” Ethan shouted underneath his breath. Ethan scrambled to retrieve the knife from his backpack. He held the knife into the light. The woman gasped in delight. “Beautiful” lavished the woman. The knife’s golden surfaces gleamed and the gems reflected back their vibrant opalescent hues. “Bring it here,” demanded the woman. Her voice pulled at Ethan like a magnet to metal. Ethan remained still with apprehension. Without ever having learned how, Ethan began performing tricks with the knife. He planted his hand onto the floor and plunged the knife’s tip between each finger, right to left then, left to right. The woman let out a squeal in approval. As Ethan quickened the speed in which he pierced the floor between his fingers, the woman began to wail in excitement. As her laughter intensified it began producing tears. The tears pooled around her feet then, flowed like a river approaching a waterfall. The river of tears ran over the stage’s edge and into the dark rim of the room. Carl meowed in curiosity. He dipped a paw into the current, and was immediately swept away. Carl disappeared. In a rapid realization, Ethan fiened his intent of bringing the blade to the temptress however, once near the stream, Ethan submerged himself. The woman’s laughter halted to a stop. She metamorphosed into an ogre and grunted ,” Come back!” But it was too late, for Ethan had been swept into the underlair’s plumbing system.

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