Story Update

Video Game Storyline

Ethan stood at the base of the stairs, looking upward at its peak. After putting away the club into his satchel, Ethan climbed two stairs and nearly fell backwards. The incline was nearly vertical. Once Ethan regained his balance he scaled the wall of stairs, one at a time. At the top of the stairs Ethan was able to see a metallic safe secured by a digital keypad. Above the keypad was a display showing 10 blank spaces. Immediately to the left of the keypad etched into its face the safe had a sun and words that read: “What is the speed of that which can be seen but not heard?” Ethan quickly fumbled around in his satchel for his cell phone. What he pulled out was mangled and inoperable. His phone a friend plan resembled a mirror that had been dropped. Christine was always good at riddles. On their first date she was working on one of those books of riddles usually owned by your grandma. Christine would know the answer, thought Ethan. He imagined her just as he saw her last, working in her garden listening to music with her sun kissed skin slathered in sunscreen. Suddenly the answer came to him. Its speed has 10 digits and can be seen but not heard. The answer is 380,000,000, which is the speed of light. Ethans fingers ran across the keys as he entered the numbers.  The 10 digits flashed then held steady. The safe released a whirring sound followed by a groan. The door to the safe struggled to open. What lay inside was something on a piece of parchment, its edges darkened. Ethan took a closer look. It appeared to be a map. He picked it up. A distant hiss became louder and Ethan felt the platform begin to lower. He spun around to see the stairs now were a foot higher than the platform.

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