Pulling Two Rabbits Out of A Wallet

Video Game Storyline

The cab squealed to a stop. Ethan dug through his wallet, grabbed what looked like five dollars in ones, threw it into the cab drivers hand and hurried into the airport. In his wallet he saw his plane ticket but, didn’t remember grabbing it. 

Ethan checked in at the first available counter. The airline representative greeted Ethan, took his ticket and punched some keys on the keyboard of the computer in front of her. She stared at her computer screen momentarily, then announced, “You want to go to gate five.” She handed back Ethan’s ticket and in a rush he made his way through the metal detectors, down the terminal and slowed his pace as he walked up to the gate attendant. “Ticket please,” requested the gate attendant.  “Here you go” said Ethan. “Have a great flight,” said the attendant while she smiled. 

Ethan arrived at Kuala Namu International Airport. Once he left the airport building, Ethan requested a ride from his phone. “Take me to the nearest hotel to the Rainforest Guest Hotel,” said Ethan to the Über driver. Once they arrived at the hotel again Ethan dug into his wallet to tip the driver in cash. This time there was a hotel room key with the name Rainforest Guest Hotel printed onto the card. Ethan walked through tall glass front doors that slid to the sides and up to the checkin counter.  “Hi, I would like to book a room. “My name is Ethan Trivian” The attendant quickly navigated the hotel computer system and declared ,” Mr. Trivian your room is already booked. You must want to check in.” “Yeah, right, that’s it.” Ethan attempted to smoothly play it off. “Looks like you’re already checked in and have been given a room key.” “I am…o ya.. I am. I’m still a bit jet lagged,” commented Ethan. Dumbfounded, Ethan found his hotel room, took a hot shower and went to bed.

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