Labyrinth Guards


Video Game Storyline

The trail was hot and moisture filled the air. Trees above created a layer that blocked out most of the sun. Two miles into his walk Ethan drank the remaining water he had. “Downtown better be near,” thought Ethan. The trail curved left, then right, and then straightened. What appeared ahead was something blocking the path. As Ethan approached the blockage he soon realized it wasn’t a blockage. “Its an entrance,” Ethan said out loud to himself.

The entrance was a dark hole bore into the earth. Three rhinoceros heads made of weathered stone watched from above. One looked left, one straight ahead, and one right. The vegetation surrounded the outsides of the entrance. Ethan saw no way around. Ethan shuffled through his backpack. He knew he brought a flash light somewhere. “Ah, there it is,” announced Ethan. He slowly made his way into the cave and down the sloped tunnel. Ethan made it one-hundred yards, he looked back and saw a tiny grey dot – the entrance. Ethan turned around and continued his dissent.

Something grabbed at his shin. Ethan looked down and shone his flashlight at his lower legs. A wire ran parallel and  six inches above the floor. Ethan had stretched the wire. A rumble erupted. Rocks began to crash behind Ethan. He began running and his feet threw up dirt. Ethan covered fifty feet while he ran. The rumbling stopped. Ethan looked at the blocked tunnel. “No way back to the entrance,” shouted Ethan. Ethan fought back panic. Five minutes passed. Ethan with flashlight in hand walked further into the tunnel.  “At least the tunnel has flattened out,” said Ethan.

Two hundred feet further Ethan came to a stop. The path was blocked. Blocked by a bamboo wall. Ethan thought and thought. Panic washed over him. Then, he remembered the package. He scrambled through his backpack, ripped open the box, and discovered it was his knife. But, it was different. The blade was elegant, yet rugged. Intricate details swirled its handle.  Gems were now seated along the handles edge. The metal had been dipped into a shiny metal. The sharpened edge now had large serrated teeth. Ethan plunged the knife into the bamboo. The two inch thick wall peeled back. In a matter of minutes Ethan carved a hole big enough to pass through the bamboo blockage. Ethan  now wondered,” What lies ahead?”

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