Encountering a Thief

Video Game Storyline

Ethan slipped from his hotel room, past his soon to be wife’s hotel room door, down the elevator and out of the hotel. Ethan requested an Über. Its ETA was 8 minutes. A man with straight salt colored hair that stretched to his knees said “Hello!” Ethan quickly mirrored the old man with “Hello.” The man wore a green hoodie and camo cargo pants.”Its a beautiful day. Where are you headed?” inquired the man. Ethan was not in the mood to converse with the man but remained amicable. “The airport,” Ethan replied with a short response. “Oh the airport, then you will need to do something with that knife that’s on your hip,” the old man informed Ethan. Ethan had forgotten about the knife. Ethan didn’t know what to do. The long haired man could see the concern on Ethan’s face and offered a solution: “Give me the knife and I will send it to you once you get to your destination.” Ethan thought quickly. He sure as hell couldn’t have any of his friends at the hotel store the knife. Without any other options Ethan reluctantly said,” Alright. I will let you send me my knife.” Ethan handed the old man the knife. The old man secured the knife in his cargo pants pocket. The old man’s face showed a kind, reassuring look. The Über driver called Ethan’s phone. Ethan said “Hello?” The Über driver said he had been waiting for five minutes. “You should have called sooner,” thought Ethan. Ethan turned around to give the old man his phone number but, the man had vanished. Ethan’s heart felt like a ton of bricks. “Damn it. I’m never gonna get that knife back. Thomas is gonna be pissed.” Ethan remembered that he had to get to the airport. He sprinted across the street and jumped into the cab. “To the Laguardia airport and make it fast!” shouted Ethan.

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