Digging In

Video Game Storyline

Along the sloped ceiling the steam condensed into water which rained down onto the earth below. The dirt, rock, and water mixed to create a slippery surface on which to gain footing was difficult.

 Up ahead the path was severed by a chasm of the width of Ethan’s height. “We’re going to jump the gap on the count of three, Carl,” instructed Ethan. “One…..two……THREE.”Ethan and Carl side by side covered thirty feet, and leaped into the air. Carl landed with plenty of distance to spare. On the other hand, Ethan came down with only his upper body on the landing and his lower body hanging off of the edge. With knife still in hand, he dug the blade into the ground and pulled himself up. Afterwards Ethan examined the blade.  Not a scratch on it. The blade seemed to be indestructible. 

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