Video Game Storyline
After being swept into the sewage system, the water levels rose until Ethan and Carl were forced to swim underwater. They soon realized to make any progress down the dimly lit tunnel they could pop up for air in spots where light shone into the water from above. At each surfacing, Ethan and Carl were able to catch enough breath to prevent themselves from drowning.
After surfacing for air thrice Ethan arrived at a dead-end. Suspended underwater, staring back at Ethan is a sculpture of Poseidon, trident in hand, but, the middle tine was missing. In its place is a slot that seems to be the same size as the knife’s handle.
Ethan inserted the knife’s handle into the empty slot, which caused the stone to turn to flesh and the water to drain.
Once a sculpture, Poseidon stood before Ethan in living form. “Who are you?” asked Ethan. “I am Poseidon, ruler of the sea.” “Your knife completed my trident and proved to me you are worthy of being called my son. Here take my trident for it will aid you in your travels. Your bravery and acknowledgement of the power of the knife, of which I gave to the Oracle to give to you, demonstrated your maturity and belief in something greater than yourself in the face of imminent peril.”
“You risked my life!” shouted Ethan. “It was necessary to test you.” calmly replied Poseidon. “I could have really used your help down here in his hell hole” again Ethan shouted. “I was here the whole time.” Poseidon pointed to the knife. And at that moment Ethan understood the great lengths his father had gone to ensure he was worthy of the trident. For life throws seemingly insurmountable obstacles at you and maturing is the only way to succeed.

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