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We are on an adventure as we build video games. I am an Indie video game creator because I love the freedom of creative expression. It is so personal. Whether you’re a solo indie game creator or a team, your game reflects your personality. With so many components belonging to our games we may not have the time and or skills to express every part of ourselves into our games, which creates the need for someone else’s skills to express our creative vision.

To Work Together
Contact   Gamerade619 / Tony Garcia

Email: Gamerade619@gmail.com  

Since owning my first video game system, the NES, I have been fascinated with video games. Years later, I knocked door to door offering to perform household chores for my neighbors. After a few no’s I got a yes. Boom! My first entrepreneurial venture succeeded. With the money I earned and saved I bought an N64. Fast forward to highschool. My family got a computer. I used it once for a simple web search and was hooked. 
What does this have to do with video games you wonder? Im getting there….Later I attended college and earned a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field. Things seem good. Then, life got difficult. After the loss of a job, partner, and health issues I became homeless. My parents allowed me to move in with them. I got a second chance. I thought long and hard about where my passions and skills came together. I realized I loved video games and am good with technology.  

3D Models: https://sketchfab.com/Gamerade619/models

The following products/services I offer for you:

Story writing

Character sketching

3D Environment Modeling

Creating Textures

UV Unwrapping/Mapping

Raster Image Editing

C++ Programming for Unreal Engine


Skills that are coming soon:

Environmental Sketches

3D Character Modeling

Sound FX

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